Australian model and digital influencer Emily Gurr is a certified creative maven. Signed to a modeling agency at 17, the 22-year-old business and fashion student is known for her long blonde hair, lithe limbs and fashion-forward style. Read our interview with Emily below.

Splitting her time between Sydney and Brisbane, we organised a shoot at Rainbow Bay with Emily and her talented photographer friend, Taylah Golden. Staying true to her bohemian vibe, Emily picked our bestselling crochet swim styles, feminine slip dresses and easy vacation-ready seperates.
Suboo | New Romantics HS16 | One Pieces
Suboo: Favourite beach?

Emily: I do love Rainbow Bay minus the crowds.

Suboo: Fave place in the world?

Emily: That's a tough one! But if I were to place myself anywhere in the world right now I'd have to say Kabak Koyu in Turkey is pretty spectacular. Beautiful water, caves, terrain, waterfalls, people and seclusion. Oh, and fresh fruit in the summer you can pick from the trees :)

Suboo: What makes you happy?

Emily: Sunrise and sunset, some good old skool tunes and red wine hehe.

Suboo: What inspires you?

Emily: Vastness, travel and immersing myself in nature until I regain a sense of our insignificance to realign my perspectives.

Suboo: How do you keep a balanced lifestyle?

Emily: Wake up early, always make time for my friends and excercise everyday, even if it's just a little walk.

Suboo: Sunday playlist?

Emily: The Cure, Talking Heads, Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel and Hall & Oates